Steve Forbes Meeting Notes

Earlier this year, I had an opportunity to meet Steve Forbes near our public relations firm’s Orlando branch. He discussed many topics and here are some highlights.

Forbes on business

  • Cash flow
  • Watch expenses and processes- nitty gritty stuff
  • New methods and systems- create the great leap forward
  • Tools have changed, environment has changed, profession hasn’t changed.
  • Every met someone successful who says, “I’m not in sales?”
  • Add value

I don’t like Starbucks. It’s the only place I feel confused and I’m paying. - Steve Forbes


- invented the mouse

- invented the internet


  • What am I in business for?
  • Why do we do this?

Forbes on America’s economy

  • American’s going to become a manufacturer giant again because of intellectual property and innovation, not because of low wages.
  • Government doesn’t create money. Americans do.
  • People are fearful yet very open for solutions for growing sales

  • Always add value
  • Be a value added consultant
  • Communicate to people: “I’ll do well and so will you”

Forbes on healthcare

  • Freedom means you make decisions for yourself.
  • Why can’t our medical advances predict side effects for the five percent and let the 95% benefit?
  • Why is healthcare considered a crisis instead of an opportunity? - patient not in charge, controlled by third party, little free market
  • No other industry has a crisis
  • Can buy a car in another state, can’t buy insurance in another state

Forbes on investments and investing

  • Gold.
  • Only buy stock that pay dividends.
  • Don’t worry about timing the market
  • Stay steady and consistent.
  • Stay away from emotions

Forbes on health and family

  • Eat well. Sleep well.
  • “You know you’re a successful parent when you embarrass your kids.” - Steve Forbes

- January 7, 2013

Image credit: Brian Gilbert