Corporate fixer

As a natural problem solver, outstanding communicator, persuasive, and creative negotiator, Jason Mudd helps corporate leaders solve complex issues in their time of need.

Jason is a reserved, intense person who is staunchly results-oriented. A self-starter whose drive and sense of urgency are tempered and disciplined by his concern for quality and accuracy, his introspective and analytical approach to life is always based on detailed knowledge and thorough analysis.

Jason is simultaneously strongly focused on the technical principles of the world around him and an imaginative and creative person, a source of soundly thought-out new ideas, systems, and plans. A skilled, innovative problem solver with a high degree of expertise, he is mindful of his mistakes and learns from the mistakes of others.

When communicating, Jason is factual and direct. People respect him for his professional knowledge, expertise, and decision-making skills. Jason is demanding of himself and others. He takes his work and responsibilities seriously, and he expects others to do the same.


877-527-6668 (877-JASON-MU)