I finished 75Hard and here’s what I recommend…


For those of you that are exploring 75Hard… For 75 days, you must: NO EXCEPTIONS. ZERO EXCUSES. • It’s all about mental toughness. • Reading is non-fiction and not audiobooks. • Once you start a book, you must finish it. Drinking one gallon of water per day is the hardest part. • Dieting is hard […]

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My favorite highly reviewed products for personal wellness


When it comes to managing a demanding company and keeping up with a growing family, you must take care of yourself as part of your work-life balance. I wanted to share a quick post about some of my favorite products that help me stay focused, energized, and recharged. Some of these links are Amazon affiliate […]

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Tesla Model S: An owner’s perspective


“It’s like a sports car, a luxury sedan, a golf cart, and a spaceship had a baby – and it’s awesome!” I’m a proud Tesla owner, and people regularly ask me questions about my Tesla experience. First, I wish someone had shared a link with me to save money on a new Tesla. So here […]

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Today, I’m sharing some of the best business tools


Let’s face it. Business is tough. You need every tip, trick and tool to be successful and have a leg up on the competition. I’ve been in business for 20 years. And in those years, I’ve found some good tools, great tools and bad tools. Today, I’m going to share a few that I’m using […]

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Why I decided not to run a movie theatre


Since I was eight years old, my family has been going to a movie theater here in town. It started out as a two-screen movie theater called Island Twin, and later expanded to seven screens. It was a great little spot to see movies in our community, and we’re told John Travolta has even visited […]

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Bidsketch will make you smarter and grow your sales and customers


I was so pleased when IT expert Robert McNicholas of Techsperts introduced me to BidSketch. It’s rare that an app or system comes along that’s a real game changer like this one. One of the best features is that it allows for electronic signatures on contracts and agreements. That’s a feature that I’ve wanted for […]

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Steve Forbes Meeting Notes


Earlier this year, I had an opportunity to meet Steve Forbes near our public relations firm’s Orlando branch. He discussed many topics and here are some highlights. Forbes on business Cash flow Watch expenses and processes- nitty gritty stuff New methods and systems- create the great leap forward Tools have changed, environment has changed, profession […]

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